Worm Wheel Gear

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A worm gear wheel is a type of staggered shaft gear that impart motion between two shafts that are neither intersecting nor parallel. Even though it is compact it can give a large speed reduction. A worm gear is a fiber cut into a round bar, and a worm wheel is a gear that meshes with the worm at a shaft angle of 90 degrees. The fix set of a worm and worm wheel is called a Worm Gear Wheel. Its history is so old that its presence is described by Archimedes in around 250 BC.

When a worm gear is used, a solid and high speed reduction ratio can be obtained as compared with spur gear. The reduction ratio is determined by the mix of the number of worm threads and the number of teeth on the worm gear wheel. For example, in the case of the worm gears of the Rajendera’s standard gears, a reduction ratio of up to the maximum of 1/120 can be obtained.

Worm Wheel Gear

A worm gear system contains of a worm and worm wheel Gear positioned as a cross axis and is the most tight type of gear system. Required to the compact design, worm wheel gear reducers are able to be placed in relatively small spaces and give high-ratio speed reduction. Worm gears are known to charge smoothly and quietly, as long as they are correctly mounted and lubricated.

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