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To fulfill the needs of our patrons, we are engaged in offering an extensive range of Cone Pulley all over the country at affordable rates. Cone Pulley we offer is easy to use and needs very low maintenance. Using state-of-the-art methods and top-grade material, we ensure longer durability of Cone Pulley. Also, we ensure timely delivery with free shipping. A series of pulleys of various diameters are combined into a single concentric unit and used to vary the velocity ratio of shafts. Cone Pulley is used where variations are required from slow rotations to high rotations with the change of torque. It is also known as step pulley. Cone pulleys are a special kind of pulley system that are employed in a variety of mechanical applications, particularly in machinery and power transmission systems. It consists of a group of pulleys attached on a shared shaft, each having a varied diameter. The pulleys are cone-shaped, thus the name “cone pulley.” The cone pulley system is made to transfer power between a driving component, like a conveyor belt or piece of machinery, and a driven component, such an electric motor. 

Cone Pulley, Supplier of Cone Pulley in Gujarat

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The speed ratio between the driving and driven components can be altered by moving a belt on the various-sized pulleys. A cone pulley system’s key benefit is its adaptability in offering a variety of speed options. Moving the belt to various areas. Different rotational speeds come from changes in the effective diameter as the belt is transported to various cone pulley portions. Based on the particular needs of the application, this capability enables speed control and power transmission optimization. Older machinery and equipment, especially in industrial environments, frequently employed cone pulleys. They have been mainly supplanted by more effective and accurate variable speed drives, such as electronic variable frequency drives (VFDs) or electric motors with adjustable speed controllers. Cone pulleys, however, are still used in some applications or as historical remnants in older machinery.


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