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Our firm brings forward a fine quality gamut of Variable Drive Pulley, which can be purchased in different sizes. These pulleys are mainly used for converting a constant speed motor into variable speed. This operation can occur accurately and smoothly, even while the machine is in motion. Fabricated using superior grade raw material, these can be obtained from us at affordable prices. Our experts assist us in offering a superior quality range of Variable Drive Pulley is widely appreciated for high performance, high tolerance and precision engineering. It caters to diverse usage in various industries and is appreciated for its unending competence. Offered machine can perform this process in a precise manner even when this machine is in motion. A form of pulley system that enables adjustable speed control in power transmission applications is a variable drive pulley, sometimes referred to as a variable speed pulley or variable pitch pulley. A variable drive pulley achieves speed variation by altering the effective diameter of a single pulley, as opposed to a cone pulley system that uses different-sized pulleys.

Variable Pulley Manufacturer in Gujarat

Variable Drive Pulley Manufacturer

 A fixed pulley and a movable pulley are the two primary parts of a variable drive pulley’s design. The movable pulley is attached to the driven component, such as a conveyor belt or machinery, while the fixed pulley is connected to the driving source, such as an electric motor. The speed ratio between the driving and driven components can be changed by the movable pulley by changing its effective diameter. A variable drive pulley system’s movable pulley is typically made of two conical discs. The effective diameter of the pulley can be changed by varying how these discs are positioned in relation to one another. Different speeds are achieved by varying the spacing between the discs, which also affects the position of the belt on the pulley. Depending on the specific design, the variable drive pulley can be adjusted manually or automatically. To change the diameter of the pulley, manual changes frequently use hand-operated levers or mechanisms, but automated systems may use hydraulic, pneumatic, or electronic controllers for accurate speed management. Power transmission applications benefit from the flexibility and control provided by variable drive pulleys. In equipment like industrial conveyors, machine tools, and some automotive applications where changeable speed control is necessary, they are frequently employed. The rotational speed of the driven component can be altered to fit the desired operational needs by altering the pulley’s effective diameter, resulting in efficiency and power transfer optimisation.


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