Spiral Bevel Gear

Spiral Bevel Gear Manufacturer by Rajendra Pulley & Gear

Spiral bevel gear are used with spiral bevel pinions to produce mechanical systems that convert speed and torque primarily in perpendicular shaft applications. When the spiral bevel gear and the spiral bevel secure have the same number of teeth, they are called spiral meter gear

Spiral Bevel Gear are used in position where the axis of rotation of a shaft must change direction. An example of this is a car variously where the rotating prop shaft is turned through 90° to drive the wheels – or as part of a wide actuation mechanism like our screw jack powered systems.

Spiral Bevel Gear

The many bevel gear systems have their advantages and disadvantages and compromises are requirements. Advantages of Spiral Bevel Gear Design

  1. They are on-plane.
  2. They are precise.
  3. They are quiet.
  4. They have a long life.

Their characteristics are summarized below.

  • The force on the teeth of zero bevel gear are the same as straight bevel gears, eliminating the inward thrusting force. Because of this, they can be substituted with straight bevel gear without affecting the attachment conditions or bearings.
  • Since zero bevel gear can be ground, compared to straight bevel gear, they are more proper, quiet and have a superior anti-friction quality. As with spiral bevel gears, they are use with right-hand and left-hand twist as a set.
  • Generally, spiral bevel gears can be revolved only in one direction, but due to the zero twist angle of zero gear, they can be rotated in the pair directions just as with straight bevel gears.
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