Double Helical Gear

Top Brand of Double Helical Gear Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

At Rajendra Pulley & Gears we design & manufacturer different types of Helical Gears which include Cross Helical Gear, Double Helical Gear, Internal Helical Gear, etc. based on different industrial application requirements. Double Helical gear is one type of cylindrical gear with slanted tooth traces. Compared to spur gears, they have a larger contact ratio excel in calmness and less vibration, and are able to transmit large force. A pair of Double helical gear has the same helix angle but the helix hand is opposite.

A combination of left-handed and right-handed helical gear with the same turn angle is called a double helical gear. Double helical gear transfer rotational motion between two parallel shafts. We at Double Helical gear is ran in some of the most advanced machinery in the India. Rajendra Pulley and Gears can produce the most accurate double helical gear found in Ahmedabad.

Application :
On heavy machinery
For external gear pump
In applications that typically demand higher pressures and larger percentages of filled material

Double Helical Gear
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