Brake Drum Geared Coupling

Famous Brand of Brake Drum Geared Coupling Manufacturer, Supplier at lowest price in 2024.

Rajendra Pulley & Gears is India’s leading Brake Drum Geared Coupling Manufacturer and Supplier. Thanks to their optimum capacity and high performance, our brake drum couplings are in high requirement. It is our constant inquiry of quality that has manufactured us a noted name in the Gear coupling India market.

We are engaged in manufacturing a wide range of Brake Drum Geared Coupling that is designed and built according to the highest industry standards. These products are mainly worn as connecting components along with brake discs between the motor and the gear. We use top quality metals and allow to provide strength and durability for our couplings. Our Experienced team also holds expertise in customizing the products to meet the specific needs that our customers have.

Brake Drum Geared Coupling

The brake drum geared coupling is used to join the motor and gearbox shaft or gearbox and machine shaft. The brake is shaped on the brake drum. Thus it serves dual reason of being a coupling and brake drum. Brake drum type coupling is mostly used to stop the service equipment without switch off the motor. Primarly a mechanical force is applied from outside to stop the equipment. This Brake Drum Geared Coupling is manufactured by creating use of top-grade metal alloy and advanced machinery.

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